Notes for getting wasm-pack and vite working well together

    I'm only interested in using the output of wasm-pack after it has been deployed to npm (or used locally as an npm dep).
    I ended up using vite-plugin-wasm-pack, I also tried vite-plugin-wasm but ran into issues.
    Make sure you build your wasm-pack project with wasm-pack build --target web
    Make sure that all the names used to build and deploy your project are the same (at first I was building x-wasm and then naming the npm dep x switching to x-wasm worked).
    In the package.json for the generated wasm-pack output you'll need to add "type": "module" and "main": x_wasm.js.
        📝 TODO I need to look into how to do this automatically.
    In vite.config.js add the following plugin wasmPack([], ['x-wasm'])
    Below are two examples of using wasm code from js

Regular js

   import init, {greet} from 'x-wasm';
   init().then((instance) => {


   import init, {greet} from 'x-wasm';

  onMount(async () => {
		await init().then(() => console.log("loaded" + greet()));

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