Friday, April 12

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FX’s The Bear Continues to Reach for Greatness | TV/Streaming

In the second season of creator Christopher Storer’s Chicago-set tragicomedy “The Bear,” every character must not only grapple with loss, but whether their striving for greatness, for a near-unattainable patch of perfection, is worth the sacrifice. We witness the weight of that choice early on: The first episode opens, surprisingly, on a quiet note, with Marcus (Lionel Boyce) caring for his ailing mother. It continues with Carmy’s cousin Richie (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) helplessly trying to keep parts of The Original Beef the same, even as its walls are literally collapsing around him. Sydney must contend with the expectations of her blue-collar father (Robert Townsend), while Carmy’s sister Natalie (Abby Elliott) takes on a new managerial role at the restaurant that’ll test her heal...