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Early Scream VI reactions revealed

The first reactions to Scream VI have surfaced, with many claiming it’s the goriest entry yet.

Scream VI is having its press junket this weekend, and the lucky journalists who participated (including our own JimmyO) saw the film last night. Immediately after the screening, they were allowed to share their thoughts on social media, with a full review embargo set to break later this week. Our man Jimmy said the following:

“#Scream6 is a delight! The cast all shine, old and new, and the kills are pretty damn brutal. It’s one the finest sequels in the series with unexpected (and fun) twists throughout! I sure like this scary movie!”

Other reactions were similarly positive, with many praising the amped-up gore and the new urban New York City setting. Of course, one must remember that junket screenings are always pretty positive, and it’s customary that if someone is doing interviews for the movie and they happened to hate it, they wouldn’t share their reaction. That said, usually you can read between the lines, with the classic reaction for a movie you didn’t love being “it was fun.” The reactions (so far) seem legit – so check them out below!

#Scream6 is a delight! The cast all shine, old and new, and the kills are pretty damn brutal. It’s one the finest sequels in the series with unexpected (and fun) twists throughout! I sure like this scary movie! #scream Full review coming to @joblocom soon! pic.twitter.com/mg9ZuLUNYM

— Jïmm¥†ðtheO (@JimmytotheO) March 4, 2023

So, #Scream6 starts gory and stays gory (the kills — and there are a LOT of them — are all brutal). There’s a tension and grime that comes with the NY setting, and the “core four” make the series their own. Still plenty of legacy, without having to rely on nostalgia. Bloody good! pic.twitter.com/XqnabIaKis

— Sean O’Connell (@Sean_OConnell) March 4, 2023

Happy to report that #Scream6 is slashtastic!!! Pacing’s great, the Core Four rule hard, some truly inventive set pieces & you can just feel Radio Silence’s love for horror & this franchise from start to finish. As a 26+ year fan of this franchise, I’m happy. Very happy. #Scream pic.twitter.com/12Xq9XYloD

— Heatherface Wixson (@MMEFXBook VOL 2 – out 10/26!) (@thehorrorchick) March 4, 2023

#Scream6 is the PERFECT follow up!
An all out blood fest! Filled with the some of the best kills for the franchise & still a great game of GUESS WHO! Melissa Barrera & Jenna Ortega solidified themselves are the perfect new leads. I’m in love and obsessed pic.twitter.com/shPo3BiYjv

— Zach Pope (@popetheking) March 4, 2023

#Scream6 had me blown away. The opening kill was amazing. This movie was super gory and intense. So many suspenseful moments. Very bloody. This one is definitely a great slasher film. It did not disappoint. #Scream #ScreamVI #ScreamMovie pic.twitter.com/goe8qEXFcO

— Ashley Martinez (@mtzashley14) March 4, 2023

#ScreamVI REVIEW: SHOCKING, VIOLENT & FUN. Jenna Ortega does it again! A WILD edging of your seat thriller that beats you off & creams your pants off. This isn’t just another slasher, it’s one the BEST horror films ever! WOW. A fitting end setting up what’s next #Scream #Scream6 pic.twitter.com/5U6Rt1fByF

— Atom (@theatomreview) March 4, 2023

Feeling very lucky to be a diehard #Scream fan. #ScreamVI is fantastic. So thankful this franchise fell into Radio Silence’s hands because they continue to crush it. Yes, the Ghostface attacks/killings are especially vicious – a few might be franchise highs in terms of tension. pic.twitter.com/f2RuYuq5OD

— Perri Nemiroff (@PNemiroff) March 4, 2023

Not bad, right? Scream VI opens Friday March 10th! The film is directed by Tyler Gillett, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, and stars Melissa Barrera, Jasmin Savoy-Brown, Jenna Ortega, Dermot Mulroney, Hayden Panettiere, Courteney Cox, Samara Weaving and more! Are you excited for the next film? Let us know in the comments!

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