Tuesday, June 18

Suicide Squad Game Delayed Yet Again

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has taken quite some time to come out. And while it is still officially scheduled to release on May 26, a new report has alleged that it won’t make that date.

According to a new report from Bloomberg (which accurately reported on its previous delay), the live service shooter is being pushed from May to some unspecified time later in the year. One of the sources in the article explains that this delay is mostly to improve certain underwhelming aspects of the game and fix bugs. The gameplay itself isn’t being overhauled, as that would take much longer.

Said gameplay was widely criticized after the game’s big splash at the recent PlayStation State of Play. Many decried the live service elements and abundance of shooting. Addressing those concerns would undoubtedly take more than a few months, which explains why Bloomberg’s source said the delay was more about polishing the game.

Gotham Knights was an utter disappointment from nearly every angle. While it was a failure on its own merits, it…

Rocksteady Studios last title, Batman: Arkham Knight, released in June 2015. This delay, if accurate, means it’ll have taken the studio over eight years to put out its next project.

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