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Theo Rossi teases “totally different” Sons of Anarchy spinoff

Another Sons of Anarchy spinoff may be closer than ever, with star Theo Rossi suggesting it’s a “really cool” spin on the series.

Another Sons of Anarchy spinoff may be closer than ever, as actor Theo Rossi–who played “Juice” Ortiz on the FX series–said there very well could be something revving its engine.

Speaking with Deadline, Theo Rossi said of a potential Sons of Anarchy spinoff, “There might be something coming up where we’re all back together, which is insane…If it happens, it’s wild, but if it doesn’t, it would be perfect and really cool because we also talk every day.” He added, “It’s totally different. It’s really cool.” Whether this would be another show or a potential movie remains unknown, but it wouldn’t be the first spinoff. Mayans MC premiered in 2018, less than four years after Sons of Anarchy concluded.

Mayans MC’s success–it was renewed for a fifth and final season last summer–shows that Sons of Anarchy fans are eager to support a spinoff. Indeed, fans have been loyal throughout the shows’ runs, even if it wasn’t a major hit on the awards circuit, only ever earning five Primetime Emmy nominations over its seven season run, none in major categories. “We knew that we were in something that was rarefied air…We were the people’s champ. Everybody loved us, but no one in Hollywood gave a shit about us. The executives, none of them watched it, they didn’t care.”

Whether or not another Sons of Anarchy spinoff leaves the garage, Theo Rossi has kept busy. He was recently nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for his performance in Emily the Criminal. He, too, will star in the upcoming Carry-On, which he likened to Die Hard, saying, “It’s Die Hard with Taron Egerton playing Bruce Willis, and me and Jason Bateman are playing Alan Rickman and the blonde twins. It’s set in an airport and it’s crazy.” So a mixture between the first two…Other notable turns include his worthwhile turn in the drama Bad Hurt (2015) and as a criminal on Netflix’s Luke Cage.

What do you think? Would you want to see another Sons of Anarchy spinoff? Would you rather another show or a movie? Let us know in the comments section below!

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